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Ken Stallings
19th June 2008, 20:48
One thing about Sid. He tells it plain. He's the absolute opposite of Herb Sendek. Herb was the master at filling press time with statements you could pick apart with a laser and fail to get anything of substance from it.

Lowe, on the other hand, answers questions with blunt honesty. In fact, if anything, I'm often surprised how forthright he is. The press asks him a question, and often he tells you exactly what he's thinking, warts and all.

I find it refreshing! Here's one example from his press conference. A reporter asked him about the differences between the college basketball game today versus when he played. His answer was blunt honest:

"It's different, it's definitely different, and as a coach you have to change, not change your thinking, but you have to be aware and adjust to those things right at the beginning. The fact that most players today don't play to win the game for the team they are playing to go to the NBA. It's just reality. It's the way it is. It happens all across the country. You just hope you are fortunate to get those guys that do understand that winning is the first thing and everything else will take care of itself after that."

One other answer he gave was music to my ears. Sid doesn't think the draft should extend to a college player's completion of his second year of eligibility. He believes it should be three years completed before a player is eligible to be drafted.

Some with say this is Sid being selfish. But, I don't buy that. Sid knows first hand how the obsession on drafting unproven talent has harmed the NBA game. He also knows well from the examples of many of his friends how the lure of the NBA has ruined many young mens' lives.

Sid also had great things to say about JJ Hickson. This was the best comment:

"Individually for J.J.? It was a great experience with J.J. It was a great experience. He was a tremendous young man. He was a competitor. I've been here, going into my third year, and he's been the first player that I know, not just here, I haven't heard anybody else talk about it, that practiced at 6 A.M. on his own, individually, and then come to practice at 3:30. Very determined, I enjoyed coaching him, I enjoyed being around him.

"He was a total team player. I'm just talking about players in general, talking about the generation today. J.J. is a throwback player. He's a throwback. He wants to win. If you watch our games, you will see he got more excited when other guys did things than when he did it. That tells you a little bit about the guy. He wanted to win. He wants to win more than anything."

Sid also laid down a rather determined view that he's going to be more in control of the program this season. He also did avoid directly answering question about more changes in personnel on the team. His answer was simply that he could not comment at this time. But, that certainly left the door wide open that we may see some moves before the season starts this fall.

Sid also directly said that the players are "down in weight" and that this wasn't their choice but that Sid "demanded" it of them. Again, it seems Coach Lowe is learning from last season and is laying down the law!

One reporter asked Lowe about the "chemistry" of last season's team. I thought again Sid's reply was most direct and frankly, I think echoed very closely many of the comments made by us:

"I don't know, that word chemistry I am going to stay from. In my dictionary chemistry only means one thing and I am going to stay away from that, but I'll say this. Kevin Garnett went to the Boston Celtics and became the guy. Paul Pierce had been there for eight, nine, 10 years, great player, but he welcomed him in. Ray Allen welcomed him in, and they win an NBA Championship.

"Now, if they didn't like him, they didn't want him, chemistry probably would have been bad. That word chemistry that people throw out there, in my dictionary it's only one thing. It's players not accepting and players being selfish. I'll say it, that's what it is.

"Chemistry thing, we use it as a broad role. Chemistry is people accepting your roles and playing it well, that's it."

Let's see ...

Comments about players' weight, needing to get in better shape, welcoming new impact players to the team and wanting to work in a team-oriented role for success. Directly saying JJ was a "throwback" player who cared more about team success than his own. Demanding that players returning this season get in the gym and get lean and mean. Saying that too many players "in general" care only about playing their way into the NBA vice playing for team success.

No names were mentioned, but it seems pretty damn clear where the thrust of these comments are directed!

I hope the player(s) were/are paying attention!


Stephen Sparks
20th June 2008, 11:07
I really like Lowe and his demeanor towards the press.

It's really good to hear that he's demanding that the players get in good shape and resolve to play better as a team. Maybe the reason that Hickson left was that he didn't feel that his teamates shared his desire and dedication to winning.

Good things to hear overall, thanks for the info Ken.

24th June 2008, 14:17
I agree. I think Lowe is doing fine but we have to give him time. He shounds like he is becoming a very good college coach.