View Full Version : Ben McCauley does not travel with team

Mad Gene Vane
1st September 2008, 18:45
NCSU played a couple of exhibition games against Canadian universities, but Ben McCauley didn't travel due to conduct detrimental to the team.


I hope Ben comes around and gets his head in the game, but if he's going to have attitude problems, this'll be a long year. We need every able body to contribute, since we are thin on talent.

Summary and box score for the games.



Ken Stallings
2nd September 2008, 11:47
Sid made a point of telling everyone that a big change this year was going to be how he treated the players -- no nonsense and tough discipline. Looks like Ben became the first example!

On a positive note, the team did win both games!


Mad Gene Vane
2nd September 2008, 17:13
Eh...Canadian college basketball teams could probably be beaten by some high school teams in the USA...

Other than Steve Nash, Canadian basketball ain't got nothing to really hang its hat on...

I hope the struggles in game one were temporary and don't resurface when facing tougher competition.

Keep in mind Guelph got creamed by East Tennessee State Univ. a few days before playing us.

Ken Stallings
2nd September 2008, 19:14
I somehow suspect it would have been an issue if NC State failed to win both games going away. ;)

A win's a win. No one's going to gloat over it. But, it should at least be acknowledged for what it is.



3rd September 2008, 05:50
For what it is, practice.