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Matt Nicholson
5th October 2008, 07:55
Revised schedule is up. A few changes due to networks picking up a few games.


Looks like the Davidson game is at Bobcats arena. I'm there like white on rice....

Mad Gene Vane
8th October 2008, 05:41
Davidson, Florida and Marquette will be good non-conference games, the rest of the OOC seems soft. OOC strength really depends on the RPI of the mid-majors and small schools you end up facing, and I think High Point, WSSU, Towson, etc. will have 200+ RPI's, which will be a killer for our SOS.

All the tough games in the world don't matter to a selection committee (NIT or NCAA), if we don't win.

Stephen Sparks
12th October 2008, 20:32
Our schedule is what it is. We'not necessarilly loaded with cream puffs nor is it the most gruelling schedule we've ever had.

Regardless of the nonconf. sched. we need to have a better record in the ACC. Two consecutive lossing seasons and last place finishes aren't pretty. This trend has got to stop this season.

I don't expect us to win it all. I do think it's time for us to return to the upper half of the ACC. I really feel we can have a 9-7 record or better.

We're still a talented team and can compete with everyone except for maybe UNC, I really hate to say it though.:(