View Full Version : Zo' Brown 4th team Parade All American

6th April 2009, 15:43
Congrats to Brown, a big honor.

6th April 2009, 16:54
I think Lo will make an immediate impact for us next season.

Stephen Sparks
6th April 2009, 17:01
With the way our backcourt struggled at at times last season, he certainly won't hurt. Don't get me wrong our guards definately had their moments where they played good, but just not consistantly enough.

If Lo adds consistancy at the guard position we'll be better by default.

Ken Stallings
6th April 2009, 19:20
Let's put this into perspective. The top 5 players at each position are designated five-star recruits. Lorenzo Brown has been rated as the 8th best SG in the nation.

This honor puts that recruiting service ranking to shame, doesn't it!

The point is that based on actual court performance, Lo Brown has been very much under-rated the whole season.

He will absolutely make a huge contribution next season.


Mad Gene Vane
7th April 2009, 16:08
Courtney Fells was also a parade all-american...

Let's not punch this guys ticket to all-conference super star before he plays a game for NCSU.

Matt Nicholson
7th April 2009, 19:04
As enthusiastic as I'd like to be, I have seen way, way, way too many "All Americans" come here and flounder. Scooter Sherrill, Damien Wilkins to name a few off the top of my head.

On the other hand, I've seen completely unrated players like Engin Atsur come here and turn themselves into a very decent professional player.

I don't care much for stars and accolades anymore. It's the performance on the court in an NCSU uniform I want to see...

7th April 2009, 20:43

D Wolf
13th April 2009, 10:19
I saw Lorenzo Brown mentioned in the Parade All-American list. What I found most interesting about the list was that it did not include John Wall. How did that happen?

Mad Gene Vane
13th April 2009, 11:41
Wall had to repeat the 10th grade and so has been in HS five years. It effected his selection for the McDonald's AA game and probably other AA lists.