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7th April 2009, 20:37



Ken Stallings
8th April 2009, 00:40
Good stuff, Strutter! Appreciate you posting them.


Prowling Woofie
8th April 2009, 06:19
Kid's got some range, doesn't he ???

11th April 2009, 18:10
This kid has JJ Reddick Range!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool:

16th May 2009, 20:17
Marion (Ind.) High head coach Joe Luce is no dummy. He knew that for his team to succeed, he needed Scott Wood to shoot, and shoot often. So did he give the 6-foot-7, 170-pounder the green light to shoot?

"My contract was renewed, so yes he was given the green light to shoot anywhere he wanted," Luce said. "I wasn't dumb.

"Scott has really unbelievable range. He's consistently knocked 28 to 30-foot jump shots and is not afraid to pull-up. The one thing we preach as a coaching staff is shot opportunities comes off your abilities to make shots. Any type of shot Scott would take are ones that he's proven he can make. His percentages and number of makes are unbelievable.

"He's just overall a great shooter, but range wise he really has deep range, and no, he is given no limits. He kind of did what he wanted."

Luce admits that he is very fond of Wood, who signed with NC State in the fall. He refers to his now-former star player as "Jimmy Chitwood" after the fictional star basketball player of the famed movie "Hoosiers."

"For a bunch of reasons," Luce said. "There's not anybody that's more humble, down to earth and as pure as the word, there's not a lot of flash to Scott Wood when it comes to personal. He's just a heck of a good kid. The kind of guy you want your daughter to marry and the kind of guy you want your son to look up to. He's just a good kid.

"He's always, always in the gym shooting. I guarantee you, at 8 o'clock, you call him, he'll be in the gym shooting, working with his dad, working out with his girlfriend. She doesn't do that a lot, but she'll go in there and rebound the basketball. If it's a date night, that's what she does. He is very, very much old school, dedicated to the game. He's got one thing on his agenda. He wants to play a year from now for North Carolina State and be a regular part of that rotation."

To get into the rotation, Wood needs to get stronger. Luce estimated that Wood has already added at least a dozen pounds to his frame.

"Scott's very, very dedicated to whatever weakness he senses or whatever it's going to take to be a step above of where he's at," Luce said. "He is very much on top of adding weight, very much on top of adding strength. He's very much about just committing himself to lifting. He's working out with a personal trainer. He wants to play right away.

"I really think of he's capable of playing anything on the perimeter. He does not get enough credit to how he defends and rebounds to be honest with you. He's not a kid that is going to flagrantly foul you or knock you to the ground, but he's a guy that is going to come up with every rebound for change of possession. He's a guy that is going to block that shot when you think he's beaten. He's tough as far as production. He really gets the most out of what he is basketball wise and so I think he's a guy that's going to be able to play in a lot of settings. He's a kid that definitely going to play on the perimeter. I think he's got a a couple more inches. I think he's a guy that could be a 6-foot-8, 6-foot-9 shooting guard or small forward, call him what you want."

16th May 2009, 20:22

Ken Stallings
16th May 2009, 21:13
The entire season, he's climbed the recuiting service charts. He started absolutely unregarded. He since earned three stars and was unranked. Then he cracked the rankings and has climbed to four stars and top 100 in one service and top 75 in another.

Many still feel he's underrated.

Top to bottom I really think this is Sid's best recruiting class. It's also the type of class that might come in together and graduate together. It's not so much the first year I think is special but what these kids will develop into by the time they graduate.


D Wolf
18th May 2009, 06:12
This is exciting!! While I was reading the article that Strutter pasted it made me think of Duke's Mike Dunleavy. It will be nice to have a player like that. If all the kids come in with his work ethic Sid should have a 10 or 11 deep rotation next year.

18th May 2009, 06:51
It will be nice having a serious 3-pt threat for a change...