View Full Version : Scott Wood article with a great quote...

11th June 2009, 08:02

"My family was pretty much split down the middle between IU and Purdue fans," Wood said. "Not me. I was a Duke fan. Now I get to beat them twice a year."

11th June 2009, 12:11
I like it........

D Wolf
12th June 2009, 06:36
Great article. I'm getting excited about next basketball season, just to see what we really have. This kid sounds like a great addition to the program; the kind of player and person that we would love to have in every position in every sport.

So he grew up a Duke fan, huh? I guess any comparison to JJ Redick will not be lost on him. Of course, based on the stories I've read about Scott, I wouldn't expect him to emulate JJ's pot smoking, etc..

12th June 2009, 13:13
I like what his coach said about playing to win. That's the kind of player we need, to take this program to the next level.:cool:

13th June 2009, 03:52
^^ That's the freakin truth!