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Mad Gene Vane
29th November 2009, 14:32
Watched this game over the internet.

We played very slow in the first half. We got out to an early lead and than the offense stalled. Didn't score a FG for the last 7:14 of the first half. Our guards weren't trying to break players down off the dribble and we couldn't get off good shots. Very disappointing way to end the first half. We seemed very slow in the first and maybe we just don't have much team speed. New Orleans seemed to get back whenever we tried to run, while they got easy baskets in transition to keep the game close.

We had a lot of blocks, but New Orleans got to the rim pretty easily for stretches of the game and got offensive rebounds in spurts. The blocks came in trying to recover from getting beat.

Came out in the second half a bit better than in the first and hit a few field goals, but New Orleans cut the lead to 7. Called time out and the defense started digging in and we got out and ran. Howell came in. Missed a jump hook from the baseline and a 17 footer from just beyond the FT line. He did make a nice kick out to Javi, for the first of Javi's back to back threes which quickly got the lead back up to 13 points and seemed to kill UNO's spirit. Good court awareness for Howell to know Javi was there and not try and force a shot.

We did keep their leading scorer in check for the game, which we weren't able to do in the past against ECU and UNO that cost us those games.

The team did a good job in blowing this game open in a hurry after UNO cut the lead to seven in the second half. In a flash we were up by 15, then up by 20, and then Sid was emptying the bench.

Josh Davis is a very nice player so far. He just crashes the boards and does a good job getting offensive rebounds. Vandenberg seems to have a knack for blocking or altering shots, with his size. I think he could be a special player soon.

Dennis Horner made some timely shots in the second half. Hope he can keep this up during ACC play.

Javi is becoming a competent PG. I just wish he could create his own shot, when the offense seems to stall, but at least we aren't a turnover prone squad.

Mays is better as a 2 guard than a PG. CJ Williams plays hard on defense and can hit open shots, but otherwise isn't much of a threat to score. We really need someone to step up and be a consistent scorer, other than from C/PF position.

If we can get players to have open shots, we can beat teams, but if half-courts sets aren't getting open shots for us we will struggle, unless the defense can get turnovers for us or get rebounds and quick out let passes.

The run that put this game away came from playing good defense.

29th November 2009, 17:59
IMO, this team gets better w/ each game. I especially like seeing problems from a previous game being fixed the next game. As MGV point out, the first few games we were not getting offensive boards. Well, now we are. We have a long way to go and Tuesday night against NW will be a big telling point to where we are as a team. But if you look around the ACC, WF losing to W&M, BC, UVa, etc. all dropping games against lesser competition, at least we are taking care of business against teams we are suppose to beat.

29th November 2009, 18:54
So far we have played some pretty quality mid-majors and Auburn and have taken care of business. We have not really had a "scheduled win" you normally see this time of year with 40 point victories but I have a feeling we will see some of that against Elon and Ga Southern. No disrespect to them but they are a lower caliber of what we have played so far. I feel this will be a tuff week against NW and Marquette but with our intensity on defense I am optimistic.

I think the most impressive stat of today was the Humphrey kid who is averaging 22 points a game only scoring 4 with Scott Wood defending him along with Josh Davis. As sweet as Scott's stroke is if he is our best defender who is manning up against the other team's ace every week he will not be a huge scorer as evident today with his 4 points. Takes way too much energy on D which suits me perfectly fine if that is how he can best contribute to the success of this team.

Good to see Williams finding his shot and Javi did hit some key shots to start our big run in the 2nd half. I agree with MGV that his ability to create and score will be the key this season.

On another note the NO coach commented after the game today that this was the best Pack team he has played over the past 3 seasons. Maybe blowing a little smoke but I think it does say a little considering this season from what I understand is suppose to be his best team with the transfers including Humphrey from GA and the recruits he got in.

Mad Gene Vane
29th November 2009, 19:01
BC seems to drop games early in the year and then rights themselves in time for conference play. I'm not reading much into BC's loss.

It'll be interesting to see Smith against ACC competition. Wonder if he'll be able to elevate his game in conference play or at least keep at this level.

I think if Howell can get into game shape for ACC play, it'd do wonders for this team. I think he has the ability to be a good player and can get us some low post points, when Smith is on the bench.

As far as correcting rebounding goes, I think we still have work to do.

This coming week will tell us a lot about the team. Northwestern and then Marquette, should be good tests for us. Marquette took care of Xavier and Michigan, and looks to be handling FSU at the moment.

Northwestern's took out Notre Dame and Iowa State.

Matt Nicholson
29th November 2009, 19:23
So far, we've won the games we should, and at least one we shouldn't have. Quite a change from the last two years.

Northwestern will be a good test. They are fairly decent. Win that game, and I suddenly like our chances of making an NIT appearance.

29th November 2009, 21:15
All great points. Most every did not expect much out of this team coming into the season. Most only wanted to see improvement from start to finish as well as hustle and fight. It is still way too early to tell on the improvement aspect, however we defiantly can see the difference in hustle and fight in this team.

Ken Stallings
30th November 2009, 14:36
Honestly did not expect to see this team go undefeated this deep into the season. I agree that this year's early schedule wasn't a string of cupcakes. However, we haven't played a major conference team considered top 25 material. So, we have a long way to go to be competitive in the conference.