View Full Version : Rivals Article Mentions CJ Leslie...

Prowling Woofie
15th February 2010, 08:58
Here's the link :


Implication is that if Sid returns next year, we have a shot at not only landing Cothron, but Leslie as well.

15th February 2010, 11:59
Will he know what to do with them if they do land in Raleigh is the million dollar question.

Prowling Woofie
15th February 2010, 12:02
Whistle and point... Whistle and point...

Matt Nicholson
15th February 2010, 19:12
Lowe will get a 5th year, unless something absolutely extraordianry happens, which I doubt...

15th February 2010, 19:16
Whistle and point... Whistle and point...

I have to laugh......to keep from crying......

Ken Stallings
15th February 2010, 19:24
The article is a classic example of space filler. It doesn't say anything not already known. It is rare that five-star recruits who have not yet signed their LOI's stay committed to a school who changes coaches. The few exceptions are when someone like Roy Williams is hired -- an established superstar coach.

Further, we already know the CJ Leslie is listing NC State as high on his list. But, we also know he's including Kentucky high up as well.