NC State got steamrolled at UNC, losing 48-21.

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Privacy Policy and COPPA Standards

Wolfpack complies with the US Federal Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). For this purpose we require all children under age 13 to obtain parental permission to join this website. That permission must be in writing and signed by the minor's parent and faxed to our office at (702) 646-1080. Prior to sending this fax please email the administrator at to coordinate so that the receipt and confirmation of fax is not delayed. Also since minors may participate at this site Wolfpack has a strict policy against posting profanity, pornography, nudity, or other materials and words deemed unacceptable or offensive to children. Wolfpack has a zero tolerance policy regarding pornographic materials and links to pornographic sites. Any such violations will result in immediate permanent IP ban as well as written notification to the violator's Internet Service Provider with advisory that the member has violated his Terms of Service. To comply with the Federal law and also to respect the privacy of all our members, Wolfpack will not share private information such as mailing addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, or any other information which might allow an online visitor to identify or contact a child. For this reason, email addresses for the members are masked. You may contact a member via email but will do so via an online form that hides the actual email address. This email option shall be turned off for members who identify themselves as minors under age 13. Members are advised that the intent of the COPPA law is to prevent unauthorized contact with minor children. While we encourage members to interact, please ensure your actions do not violate a parent's authority over his/hers child.

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