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I retain these dreams where your daughter signs an offer letter to play for NC State and you can sign her up here to be our first (and perhaps only) forum member who's an active student-athlete!

LOL, me too. She still wants to play sports, loves to play, and is still a determined as ever. The last year and a half have been hard on her with the injuries so I actually think this situation is a blessing for her as it is giving her time to completely heal before playing again. I think that will be a big deal for her. I could not tell you the last time she stepped on the court/ field without some sort of nagging injury. I am curious to see what happens with travel ball with a shortened season and how that will be managed. If they go crazy with a ton of tournaments, she still wont play. I have talked to a few teams that want her to play, but I am waiting to see what their tournament schedule will look like.