NC State got smacked on the road 44-27 at West Virginia to fall to 2-1.
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    It is amazing how I have endured a relatively disappointing football season and an extremely disappointing basketball season and for the most part kept a cool head as far my posts in this forum but then the results of a dag gum home baseball series was what through me over the edge.

    I was thinking about the non basketball related things I said about Gott (which I will not bring up again) and realized how unfair it is for Gott's kids and the kids of the family and/or other families involved for me to bring up on a public forum like this regardless how I felt about it. Hopefully the admins will either delete or edit that out if nothing else for their sake. I did want to make it clear that I did not say or mean to insinuate that Gott has done anything illegal and yes as mentioned it is none of my business.

    I am not a big fan of Yow obviously and have real concerns where we are as far as our main revenue sports but should be able to discuss in a more civilized way and not start "flaming" threads like the crap we saw in the old triangle forums and I apologize for going down that route last night.

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    You are a very valuable member here, and per your desire I will delete that thread in question.



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