In the most shocking development in NCAA history, the 2020 basketball tournaments (men and women) are cancelled. In addition, the ACC has suspended all sports operations, including practices, games, and even recruiting events.
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Thread: The 2016 Hall of Fame Class

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    Default The 2016 Hall of Fame Class

    The NC State Hall of Fame inducted six more members, including a team entry for the 1974 National Championship Men's Basketball team. The other inductees were:

    Dick Christy
    Stan Cockerton
    Don Easterling
    Linda Page
    Dave Robertson

    The other really nice addition is a Walk of Champions featuring life size statues of great NC State coaches, including Everett Case, Jim Valvano, Norm Sloan, and Kay Yow. The statues are fantastic:

    This Facebook link allows you to scroll through to see them all.


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    The statues are really cool. Cannot wait to get to campus to see them in person. Really like the one of Coach Sloan. Features his serious look and the eyes that can stare right through you. The 1rst college football game I ever attended was in the fall of 1974 in Carter Stadium which is what it was called back then. I was 8 years old. The Pack was playing South Carolina. I remember riding on the beltline to the stadium in the back of my uncles station wagon with my brother and cousins (wood grain panels, yes the family truckster). My uncle was then and still is in his very late years a Wolfpack Club member. I remember my older cousins pointing out the driver of a white sedan right behind us. It was Norm Sloan. Even at 8 I knew who he was. He was the National Championship basketball coach whoś team made me a ĘPack fanĘ along with a lot of encouragement from my uncle and cousins. Us kids in the back waived and gave the #1 sign to him for about 30 minutes in the traffic jam going into Carter Stadium. He smiled and waived back occasionally in which I am sure he was just wanting to get to the game. Once in the parking lot right behind where the Vaughn tower is now that I am sure was premium parking he parked very near by. My uncle walked us over and introduced us to him. He was very kind and shook our hands but I will never forget his look and those piercing eyes that stare right through you. Very business like and kind of scared me a little at that age. I still say he is the best basketball coach NC State has ever had. Stormin Norman!!!! RIP!!

    BTW. The Pack won that game that day. I remember Ralph Stringer I believe ran a punt return back to clinch the deal but do not hold me to that. Just what I remember. Also got to go into the locker room after the game and see the Buckey brothers, Ted Brown, Stan Fritz and many others. I knew then that I wanted to play in that stadium some day.

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    The statues are cool. It is nice we are finally honoring those that deserve it.
    "You have to understand, I grew up a NC State fan. Every State-Carolina basketball game, football game, I've been there. It's fun, and if you like to competing and I love competing... that will be extra special."

    Coach Avent

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