#4 NC State salvaged game three at Florida State, winning 5-3 to secure their fortieth victory. The Pack also earned the third seed in the ACC Tournament, which starts 22 May.
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Thread: What a dick!

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    Default What a dick!

    Karl Hess used to be employed by the ACC as a men's basketball referee. Along his career, he had many notorious moments, all of which seemed to solidify his reputation as being an egomaniac and hot head.

    Well, here I am watching the College World Series and the ESPN crew shows Karl Hess in the stands cheering his son, who is a relief pitcher for LSU.

    That's fine. But, it's what the ESPN announcers said next that removed all doubt as to what a douchebag Karl Hess truly is.

    Hess' son had committed to Virginia Tech, which makes sense since he is from Virginia. Well, when the ACC decided not to renew his contract, in an act of retribution Hess had his son withdraw his commitment to Virginia Tech and called some friends to inquire about opportunities for his son with an SEC school. LSU gave the younger Hess that opportunity.

    Karl Hess is of course the referee who ejected Tom Gugliatta and Chris Corchiani who were honored fans at an NC State basketball game years back. For this outrage Hess was booted from the ACC Tournament, causing a brief protest by a few other officials until the ACC reminded the refs who they work for and said any further such demonstrations would warrant additional penalties.


    Hess was not fired by the ACC because of that outrage. Instead, he made a racially insulting statement to a Wake Forest booster who again was simply attending the Wake home game as a fan. Hess heard the fan ask why he called a foul that bailed out an out of control player. Hess replied back, "When I'm older, I want to sit in your seat and watch your Egyptian ass ref a game!"

    The booster was not even Egyptian, but Indian-American!

    The ACC should have fired Hess a long time ago. Any man who holds that much anger within him never deserved to be an official at any level. Hess wasn't interested in all the many second chances he received. When his ego finally got bruised, he showed his petty nature with regard to his son's college baseball career.


    The ultimate irony? The SEC and AAC both joined the ACC in kicking Hess to the curb for that racist statement!


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    LOL!!! Just checked this forum for the 1rst time in a few days and saw the thread title "What a dick!" and was hoping this was not referring to any of my post LOL!!. When I saw the name Hess it all made since however. I have seen the Hess kid play this week during the CWS and did not realize he was the "dicks" son.

    Bottom line for me is Hess received nothing more than a slap on the wrist for the Gugs and Corch incident and the fact that the other ACC officials were allowed to honor him by wearing his initials on their shoes during the ACC tourney that year was the ultimate example of how the ACC disrespects NC State. Swofford might as well gathered Hess and those officials for a beer outing and take them to piss on the graves of Sloan and Valvano. What Hess did that game would not have been tolerated at any other arena in the ACC and especially Cameron and the Dean Dome. I am still disappointed in Yow's response other than the verbage she offered after that game. I believe that was her 2nd year as our AD and I feel could have done more during that incident.

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