NC State makes it three in a row, beating Boston College at home 82-66.
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Thread: @ Pittsburgh

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    We are now the chased... Let's stay in control of this journey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by packinjax View Post
    We are now the chased... Let's stay in control of this journey.

    Amen. We are going to get everyone's best shot here on out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by avisocan View Post
    Great win today. Echoing the sentiments of others, good teams find a way to win.

    Finley and the WR corps weren't particularly sharp -- but damn fine ground game.

    Hines with 135
    JSam with 62
    RGII with 46

    And holding Pitt to 95 yards on the ground. Goo d turnover margin.

    I thought Pitt should have been penalized way, way more for holding -- it was obvious.
    But, aside from the bullshit offense PI call, the officials largely swallowed the whistle today.
    What was most impressive defensively was that Pitt had over 80 yards in the first half and only had 95 for the game. The D stepped up big time in the second half.
    "You have to understand, I grew up a NC State fan. Every State-Carolina basketball game, football game, I've been there. It's fun, and if you like to competing and I love competing... that will be extra special."

    Coach Avent

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    Did not think we'd be close to 6-1 at this point. The SoCar loss may not be so bad. Looks like the shine may have already worn off the Louisville win, though. Aside from Jackson, they really aren't very good.

    That RB from BC is going to demand our full attention.

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    Just looked at the stats again, and noticed that Pitt's defense had zero sacks and zero QB hurries yesterday.

    Our O-Line is flat out WORKING !!!!!

    Way to go, Band of Brothers 👍🏻

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