Braxton Beverly drops 21 points as the Pack beats Syracuse 73-58 at PNC Arena.
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    The Pack was not expected to beat #3 Virginia at their barn, and they did not. But, they did manage a couple of come back efforts to get the scores from blowout to something less than blowout.

    Virginia won 68-51.

    Among the salient takes from the game is that the Cavs shot a slightly higher percentage from the three line than they shot overall! They shot 56.1% overall, but 57.1% from the three line. By contrast, the Pack shot a woeful 2-16 from the three line and 23-56 overall.

    Among the shots the Cavs hit was a three where Yertseven ran at the shooter on the sideline and perhaps touched him. The Cav fell to the floor like he'd been shot! The official called the foul about the same time the shot went through the basket! In hockey, there is a two minute minor penalty for embellishment. Though it is never called, there is an option for an official to whistle a technical foul if he believes a player faked getting drilled. I'm more angry at the official, as well as being embarrassed for him for having been taken for a ride!


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    Didnít expect to win, and didnít shoot well enough to have a chance. Thatís what the Hoos do to you, though.

    Successful style of play, but about as exciting as watching paint dry.

    UVa is now ranked #2 - perhaps we should ask for a do-over ??? 😊

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