I don't think too much can be made of the influence that Kevin Keatts has already had on the NC State basketball team. There was a stretch of games in our conference schedule that was considered a veritable murderer's row. In sequence:

#2 Duke
#19 Clemson
@ #3 Virginia
Wake Forest
#25 Miami
@ Pittsburgh
@ #10 UNC

In those seven games, the Pack played five nationally ranked teams, two on the road. And Virginia at #3 was likely underrated! Our record over that stretch ended up being 5-2! I don't think any of the prognosticators expected the Pack to even achieve a game within .500 over that stretch.

The remainder of the ACC schedule is by no means easy -- it never is! But, tough teams match up every day in the ACC, and in particular the Pack has remaining games against Notre Dame (at home), at Virginia Tech, and a home game against the same #10 team we beat today in UNC. They will be looking for revenge!

The Pack has nine games left in the regular season and need to win five of them to clinch an NCAA Tournament bid. This is certainly a goal they should have for themselves and I firmly think Kevin Keatts has them thinking bigger than just that.

Most important of all, Keatts has got them believing they can play with anyone, and beat anyone!

He's convinced me!

And the post game reward for the team appears to be ice cream!