I started this website about ten years ago to give people a place to talk about NC State, specifically, but not entirely, about its sports teams. I did this in the belief that electronic media can provide people a place and an opportunity to come together. Sadly, electronic media is also increasingly a tool for narrow-minded people to engage in demagoguery, lashing out at people who share different philosophies, demonizing them and seeking to destroy them.

I don't intend to turn Wolfpack Forums into a political commentary site, but I also won't stand idle and watch smear merchants undermine the First and Second Amendments of our Constitution.

I am a life member of the National Rifle Association.

If there are any members here who think that somehow makes me a murderer of school children, then all I can say is you came here of your own freewill and you can exercise same and leave!

Dana Loesch agreed to appear on a recent CNN Town Hall and was repeatedly shouted at and called a murderer., for no other reason that she is a spokesperson for the NRA She is a political commentator, and like me a member of the NRA. She hasn't violated any laws, much less committed the capital crime of murder. But, the hatred being shown against the NRA makes no more sense than heaping the same ill treatment toward AAA every time some drunk driver kills innocent people with the car he's driving!

Trying to do the same to gun manufacturers is also the same as trying to call Ford a group of murderers when that same drunk driver kills innocent people.

I am fed up with organized hate! I am fed up with narrow-minded people trying to usurp well established Constitutional liberties. Mostly, I am fed up with these angry agendists trying to tear this country apart in some blind effort to destroy lives simply because people share different notions of how to live one's own life.

Electronic media is a tool, like all others. But, increasingly, it is harboring the worst of people, people who harbor hate for others, and whom are willing to employ all sorts of demagoguery to destroy people for thinking differently than the narrow path these hate merchants seemed determined to force upon all of society. I spent the best 30 years of my life defending the Constitution, and I didn't serve that time to idly watch hateful people tear it asunder!

I refuse to stand silent against it. As Americans, we all enjoy the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That is one's personal definition of happiness, not some socially orchestrated notion of it! It's high time these hate merchants get a dose of comeuppance! And this is the first reality check these haters should put in their pipes and smoke! The NRA is an association of millions of law-abiding citizens, many of whom are military and law enforcement professionals. The very people these hateful types would call on the phone to come help them are the very ones they blindly demagogue for their own narrow purposes!