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Thread: "We need to put the college back in college basketball!"

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    Default "We need to put the college back in college basketball!"

    "We need to put the college back in college basketball!" -- Condoleezza Rice

    I have long admired Rice, and consider her one of the finest people to ever be a part of our federal government. And I am very happy to see that she is leading this Commission on College Basketball.

    Among the many things they advocated for the NCAA are efforts to remove the controversial "one-and-done" rule plus diminish the influence that agents and apparel companies have.


    Her leadoff quote said it all. So long as the NBA and the rest of professional basketball leagues dump feces on the value of a college education, then the NCAA needs to sever its relationships with these leagues. But, the commission went further, proposing lifetime bans for those who cheat the amateur status rules of the college game.

    Ultimately, for me, the problem with college basketball is that a cabal of greedy interests are perfectly willing to destroy college basketball if the resulting carcass can provide them wealth. These people exist at an entirely too great a level at the AAU circuit and the apparel companies. These entities have conspired with agents to turn these summer basketball leagues into a clearing house for agents to sign teenagers to under-the-table contracts that should exist merely at the professional level.

    The NCAA is facing a mortal threat here, especially when these corrupt interests have effectively recruited individual coaches in college basketball. I hope the NCAA implements the policy changes this commission is advocating.

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