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Thread: Pack in 2018 draft

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    Default Pack in 2018 draft

    7 players drafted overall.

    1rst round 5th pick: Bradley Chubbs by Denver
    3rd round: BJ Hill by NY Giants, Justin Jones by LA Chragers, Will Richardson by Jacksonville
    4th round: Nyheim Hines by Indy, Kentavious Street by San Francisco
    5th round: Jaylen Samuels by Pittsburgh

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    Defensive End Bradley Chubb 1st 5 Denver
    Defensive Tackle B.J. Hill 3rd 69 NY Giants
    Defensive Tackle Justin Jones 3rd 84 LA Chargers
    Running Back Nyheim Hines 4th 104 NY Giants
    Defensive End Kentavius Street 4th 128 San Francisco
    Offensive Tackle Will Richardson 4th 129 Jacksonville
    Running Back Jaylen Samuels 5th 165 Pittsburgh
    Offensive Guard Tony Adams Undrafted UFA Jacksonville
    Safety Shawn Boone Undrafted UFA Houston
    Linebacker Jerod Fernandez Undrafted UFA Washington
    Linebacker Airius Moore Undrafted UFA Arizona
    Tight End Cole Cook Undrafted UFA Atlanta
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    Happy to see that Street got drafted despite the knee injury suffered a few weeks back.

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