Basketball season ends as NC State loses to Iowa in the NCAA Sweet16
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Thread: Pack Slides to #22 in the polls

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    Default Pack Slides to #22 in the polls

    Actually thought #22 was kind of generous after the performance yesterday. Not that we loss to the #3 team in the nation but the way we loss. Clemson beat us worse than anybody they played except for Wake and Furman and there was only a 7 point difference against them as they beat Furman 48-7. We have 5 games left to earn some National respect and their is absolutely nobody left on the schedule we should not beat however if we play like we did yesterday the next 5 games we will not even make a bowl. This team had shown marked improvement every game until yesterday coming off an open date with 2 weeks of prep. Thank God we do not have anymore open dates. Lets beat the sh&t out of Cuse and move on!

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    I agree. Despite all the other ranked teams who lost games, I would not have been surprised to see us voted out of the rankings entirely.

    The Syracuse game has to see NC State get out of it's self-inflicted wounds on offense and allow our defense sufficient margin.


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