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Thread: Big OT win

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    Default Big OT win

    The ladies picked up a big gut check win in OT today. VT shot lights out and pushed the ladies to the limit. The ladies responded and took home another W.
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    I googled "NC State basketball" today like I do most days to catch the latest news on Coach Keatts and the men's team. Today the 1rst headline I saw was "NC State stands alone as the only undefeated team". I mentioned in a post last season that I thought Wes Moore is the best hire Debbie Yow has made at NC State. Per Ken's post in the Wake thread of the men's forum I willfully admit I don't get as excited about the success of the women's program as the men's. I have always appreciated women as athletes. I dated a basketball player when I was in college (a women's basketball player to be clear lol.) I have 2 nieces who played college softball and a brother and brother in law who spent many years coaching travel softball. I will concede however Coach Moore and the women's team deserve our respect. They are the best performing team of the revenue sports that we have seen at NC State in a long time. Maybe since the 1974 men's basketball team .

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