NC State got steamrolled at UNC, losing 48-21.
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Thread: Softball has started and already have a program statement win

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    Default Softball has started and already have a program statement win

    The Lady Pack9 had a very difficult schedule to open up the season. First game was against #19 Michigan, which they dropped 3-4. We followed that up with wins against Ill St. and South Florida. Then the big win was the 4-1 shocker against #7 Arizona before dropping another close game 1-2 against #5 Florida.

    So the ladies are 3-2 on the young season but have looked impressive under the first year coach.
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    I have never understood why softball starts so much earlier than does baseball. These are not sports that play well during winter time.

    All that said, that schedule start is pretty incredible. In their first five games to play three ranked teams, two in the top ten, that's the kind of schedule that would bury most teams.


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