In the most shocking development in NCAA history, the 2020 basketball tournaments (men and women) are cancelled. In addition, the ACC has suspended all sports operations, including practices, games, and even recruiting events.
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Thread: Debbie Yow's official farewell

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    Default Debbie Yow's official farewell

    Attached is a link where you can read Debbie Yow's official farewell notice to Wolfpack Nation.

    From my perspective, in an era where nearly everyone is groomed to withhold honest views, and treat interaction like a rare commodity of value, to be minimally shown, Debbie Yow was a welcome source of continually honest and forthright information. She held herself out to the public and was earnestly committed to personally answering questions and comments posed to her. I admired her for this.

    Her performance as NC State Athletic Director has established her as the most successful occupant of that office ever. Willis Casey was a pioneering success as AD, and our athletic building is rightfully named for him. But, not even Willis himself established NC State to the level of overall athletic success which Debbie Yow has presided over.

    It has been a remarkable nine years indeed! I am going to miss her!

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    100% agree. She leaves NCSU athletics in significantly better shape than she found it. I expect her successor to keep it going further.

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