Ryan Finley was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the fourth round (#104 overall). Finley now joins Pratt on the Bengals roster.

The selection of quarterbacks was THE surprise, and criticism, of this draft. Finley was considered the #4 quarterback on the board, and yet he was the sixth quarterback selected.

However, the knocks on Finley were his physical size, where he is being politely listed in the draft summaries as being "lean." That is code speak for being susceptible to injury. His arm strength is rated as being average, and with the athleticism in the NFL, I think this was the biggest concern with Finley -- his demonstrated inability to accurately throw past 25 yards. Of significant, but less concern, was his dedicated skill set as a pocket passer, without the ability to run for first downs.

All that said, this surprised most analysts that Finley fell to the early fourth round, primarily because one of the picks ahead of him is being criticized. The New York Giants selected Daniel Jones of Duke in the first round (overall #6 pick). Jones was rated as the sixth best quarterback in the draft. The draft analysis on him rated his arm strength as average and even notes how he telegraphs passes. This pick is being cited as the biggest mistake in the draft this year.

The Carolina Panthers then selected Will Grier in the third round (#36 overall). But, this makes sense because the Panthers' offensive sets are designed for Cam Newton and Grier was the best fit available for this offensive scheme. Still, Grier was graded as the seventh best quarterback. Personally speaking; however, I can appreciate how the Panthers valued Grier's game for their system and his strengths are Finley's weaknesses. On the other hand, most analysts cannot understand the Giants picking Jones ahead of Finley, given that Dwayne Haskins and Drew Lock were both available. Haskins was graded the second best QB, while Lock was graded #3.

Finley is therefore this year's surprise, seeing his draft selection slide two spots below projection. I hope he lets it motivate him just like it did Dan Marino!