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Thread: NCAA investigates Arizona

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    Default NCAA investigates Arizona

    The NCAA has started an investigation of the Arizona men's basketball program over the illegal payments scheme which was previously investigated and prosecuted by the federal government. The relationship with NC State is clear. Former coaches Mark Gottfried and Orlando Early have been implicated in a similar illegal payment scheme to former player Dennis Smith.

    From my own perspective, this is a classic case of the NCAA arriving last at the party, and since this is all long after people were prosecuted and found guilty of the actions, the likelihood of the NCAA ultimately handing down sanctions is very high. My guess is that the Arizona investigation is just the start of it. It is widely believed that a dozen or so schools are implicated in this payment scheme in some way. What I hope ultimately happens is that the NCAA makes very clear rulings and that combined with the feds, the role of agents, apparel companies, and the AAU basketball circuit are severely reined in.


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    As far as the NCAA being "late to the party" from everything I have read and heard they have been restricted from the Feds from doing anything until the FBI investigation was complete. Now that they are at the party you better believe they are going to crash it. IMO the logical thing the NCAA should do is have every win vacated that an illegal player participated in and ban any coach involved from ever coaching in the NCAA again and any AD involved permanently removed. That is the basis of what they should do to preserve the integrity of fairness in college athletics but the NCAA has never been logical and IMO fair. They have the "lack of institutional control" that punishes the entire program by restricting scholarships and banning post season play for at least a year but often more. This punishes kids in the program who were not involved but more importantly if it is a revenue sport it hurts funding for the institution involved to fund non-revenue sports. Basically a basketball team banned from any postseason or a football team banned from playing in a bowl effects the softball team and they had nothing to do with it.

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