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Blown. Out. By ECU. This team started 27-1.

This was an inexcusable end to a very promising start. And it's just the latest chapter of on ongoing theme.

It may be time for a change?
A change without investing in facilities is futile. We have one of the worst facilities for baseball in the ACC. So it would be difficult to attract a coach to State that would not be using us as a springboard. ECU's baseball facilities are 10x's better than ours and they are a Group of 5 school.

Avent is an enigma. The one glaring hole in is resume is no ACC Championships. Aside from that his resume is pretty darn good. We have been to the playoff's 15 of the last 17 years and 18 of 23 for his career at State, 4 Super Regional appearances, and one CWS appearance. He is 875-528 in his career at State (Most wins and Most losses). He has also played for 5 ACCT's and just come up short. We are a well above average team under Avent so it is a difficult decision.

IMO, Avent has just a few years left (He is 63). Invest in the facilities, allow Avent to coach toward retirement while the facilities are upgraded. Its not like we are a crap team that cannot afford to wait to make a change, we are still a threat to be a Super Regional caliber team year in and year out. So fix the facilities and wait. Avent is well regarded in baseball circles and allowing him to save face and retire is what is best for both parties at this point.