There really is a truly professional wrestling format, and the real sport also. Really a shame that the most publicized "professional" wrestling is the rank acting job masquerading as sport!

Wolfpack legendary wrestler Nick Gwiazdowski is remaining a world elite wrestler. He's competing at the Final X event to determine who makes the US World Team. Due to his performance, he received an automatic bid, but being the competitor he is, he will want to win the event. Gwiazdowski is wrestling for Titan Mercury, but his more local wrestling club is named Wolfpack RTC. Nick is very much still an NC State alumnus, and still wrestles on campus to further his professional career.

Rather interesting to see the Wolfpack RTC website:

Gwiazdowski will face Gable Steveson in a best of three showdown to see who represents the United States at the 2019 World Championships in Kasakhstan. Gwiazdowski won the bronze at the 2018 World Championships plus won the gold at the Pan American Championships.