NC State earns a valuable ACC road win at Wake Forest, winning 91-82 in a game marred by poor officiating and a very ugly ending with Jerrico Hellems stretchered off the court with 41 seconds left in the game.
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Thread: Preseason ACC Predictions:

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    Default Preseason ACC Predictions:

    Preseason ACC:
    Atlantic Division:
    1. CU (171) — 1,209
    2. SU (2) — 913
    3. FSU — 753
    4. NC State — 666
    5. BC — 588
    6. WFU — 462
    7. UL — 253

    Coastal Division:
    1. UVA (82) — 1,003
    2. UM (55) — 992
    3. VT (20) — 827
    4. Pitt (8) — 691
    5. Duke (6) — 566
    6. UNC (1) — 463
    7. GT (1) — 302
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    Rebuilding season for sure in my view. It reminds me, though I hope is not as disappointing, as the years immediately after Phillip Rivers graduated. Regardless, the truth is we are starting over at quarterback. And that remains the most important position on the field. This season all comes down to how well did our backup quarterbacks prepare themselves to take over the team. And the prime component of that is the quality of the coaching.

    So, we put our faith in the quality of this coaching staff, and sincerely hope they manage this transition a lot better than the previous coaching staff managed their transition!


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    I’m cautiously optimistic about the outcome this year. That said I think 6 to 7 wins are where we’ll end up. A lot of questions have to be answered at the skill positions and of course QB to have the warm fuzzies beyond that.

    The good: State’s 2 Coastal opponents are GT and the Cheats. We get Clemson and Cuse at home and WVU looks to be really bad this year. FSU could still be in the middle of a rebuild and Louisville very well could be a dumpster fire again. Add to that EZU could be our toughest nonconf opponent. Things could pan out well especially if State goes 4-0 in the nonconference because I believe there are 3 automatic wins (GT, ewenc and Louisville), so there’s 7 wins right there.

    The bad: Wake and BC on the road can and has been nightmarish for the guys in red. I’m Plus Clemson will beat us badly and FSU is on the road and, despite the results las year, there is talent on that team. ECU will be ripe for revenge after the drubbing they took from State to end last season. We’re breaking in a new QB and skill positions plus new coordinators. Lots of variables there that could derail a good season quickly.

    I’m hoping for the good to play out over the bad.
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