In the most shocking development in NCAA history, the 2020 basketball tournaments (men and women) are cancelled. In addition, the ACC has suspended all sports operations, including practices, games, and even recruiting events.
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    Just in case you are wondering, football information is very hard to come by. The team and staff is keeping a pretty tight lip on things, as they should. That being said here is what I understand at the moment:


    QB Position: Its still remains a 3 man race, but I think McKay and Hockman have separated themselves a bit from Leary. I still think it is McKay's to lose but Hockman is pushing him. Leary has the best overall arm "talent" on the team of any of the QB's, IMO, but is still learning and is young.

    RB Position: We are DEEP. I know that Person and Knight are the "headliners" but Mimms, Houston, and Phennix have looked really good.

    WR Position: Emezie, Riley, Thomas, Hines, and Lesane are the top 5 WR's and the 6th spot in the rotation is still up for grabs.

    OL: The top 7 are good, but there is no depth. OL is not a position where you want to put true freshman or RS Freshman. While Ledford was a heck of an OL coach, he was a horrible recruiter. And we are paying for that with the lack of depth right now. If there is one spot for concern it is the OL, the depth anyway. Probably one reason we are taking 4 to 5 OL in this recruiting class.


    DL Position: McNeill, Murchison, and Martin are playing very well as expected. Savion Jackson has really had a strong fall camp and is looking to crack the 2 deep.

    LB Position: Deepest we have been in years with talent, instinct, and speed. I am excited about this group. Peyton Wilson and Drake Thomas are names that keep popping up.

    Secondary: Moving Ingle to safety has been a great move for him and the team. Probably the reason Kidd-Glass left the team. Also corner has been better than it has in several years at this point. There is a ton of optimism surrounding this group.
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    If the QB positions works its way well, then we're really suspect in depth at just one critical position, and that's better than a lot of teams undergoing an expected "rebuilding" season.

    Nice synapses, Derreck, thanks!


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