NC State had the halftime lead against #8 Florida State, but the Noles went to the zone in the second half and pulled away to win 67-61.
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    1rst 2 home games against ECU at noon and WCU at noon thirty. Really again?? Very dangerous for the players and miserable if not also dangerous for the fans. Sucks for tailgating as well. I guess nobody cared about the thousand complaints last season. In week 1 we are the only ACC team playing that early. Duke and the Holes play at 3:30 and everyone else plays at night. Early season games in the Southeast should be at night.

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    Economics over everything else. This is the marquee matchup for the first week of the ACC Network's football coverage, and as such, it was scheduled for this time.

    Football is a fall sport. So, your observations carry considerable merit.


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