You live long enough and you see things. But, I cannot recall seeing a team in control of a game and then when leading 20-9, and with the first sign of adversity, quit despite still leading! But, that is exactly what Will Muschamp's Gamecocks did in the Belk Kickoff game versus UNC.

By all rights, UNC scored the final 21 points of the game, to win 30-20, but for some unknown reason, the officials also gave up on the game, and prematurely blew the whistle even as a UNC defender scooped up a fumble on a sack and ran into the end zone. The ESPN crew even tallied the score on the board before it was meaninglessly ruled a non-score and the game over with UNC winning 24-20.

With four minutes left in the third quarter, and USC leading 20-9, the Cocks had a 94.8% chance of winning the game. They then gave up chunk yardage runs time after time until the Heels scored with 14:27 left in the game to make it 20-15, and then the Cocks surrendered a two-point conversion to make it 20-17 and the entire sideline for South Carolina looked like they wanted to walk to the buses and leave!

The team made it official as the Heels them stopped the Cocks and proceeded to tack on chunk yard pass after pass until they took a 24-20 lead with 8:26 left. In a spread of just four minutes of clock time, the Heels went from a 22% chance to win to an 80.4% chance to win, with plenty of time left in the game. With that time, UNC gave South Carolina plenty of opportunities to show some desire and get back into the game, but inaccurate passes, foolish penalties, inadequate desire to catch a ball, and poor blocking all revealed the lack of desire in the team wearing the garnet and white.

A team has to have heart to win, and South Carolina as a team lacked heart, and that's not something you can practice on!