NC State secures a marquee win, beating #6 Duke 88-66 at home. This improves the Pack's record to 17-9 (8-7 ACC).
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Thread: Beer Sales Report

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    Default Beer Sales Report

    Some info re: Carter-Finley beer sales during NC State’s win over ECU.

    12,265 cans sold. 42% of sales were New Belgium’s Old Tuffy.

    C-F had 48 points of sale, but they’re looking to increase it. They’re also exploring some cash only lines as the season progresses.

    Per Joe Ovies...
    "You have to understand, I grew up a NC State fan. Every State-Carolina basketball game, football game, I've been there. It's fun, and if you like to competing and I love competing... that will be extra special."

    Coach Avent

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    Never in my life did I think I’d see Tuffy on a beer can!


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