NC State secures a marquee win, beating #6 Duke 88-66 at home. This improves the Pack's record to 17-9 (8-7 ACC).
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Thread: The enigma that is Florida State

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    Default The enigma that is Florida State

    Florida State is an enigma. They still enjoy excellent recruiting classes, but the Noles blew a fourth quarter lead against Boise State, in which they led 31-13 with four minutes left in the first half. Then, in their second game against Louisiana-Monroe, they led 24-7 at half, and then blew that lead twice in the fourth quarter to see the game go there way when the LM kicker shanked an extra point in the first overtime!


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    I'm taking my family to Doak when we're there. Last time I went Stone was the QB, he leveled one of their linebackers on a scramble, we won. Hopefully we'll have a similar result.

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    The HC might not last the season.
    "You have to understand, I grew up a NC State fan. Every State-Carolina basketball game, football game, I've been there. It's fun, and if you like to competing and I love competing... that will be extra special."

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