In the most shocking development in NCAA history, the 2020 basketball tournaments (men and women) are cancelled. In addition, the ACC has suspended all sports operations, including practices, games, and even recruiting events.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LSmith View Post
    I for one am ok and expected a set back season this year with the QB situation and all the talent we lost last season and I am not holding DD to a different standard. I am ok with losing to a mediocre BC team at their place. What I am not ok with is the complete lack of toughness and effort displayed Saturday. BC has not rushed anywhere close to 400 yards on anyone so far this season and they will not the rest of the season but they did it to us! It is not like when GT rushed for 400-500 yards on us with their veer a few years ago, BC just lined up and pounded it down our throats and we let them. Our coaching staff knew they were going to be one dimensional. And then their so far this season porous defense was able to completely shut down our running game by manhandling our O-line. Yes Bowden, Beamer, and Paterno had down years like most good coaches do but I have never seen any of their teams get physically dominated like we did Saturday and especially by a team with the talent level of BC.

    I mentioned year 7 because good coaches like the ones you mentioned builds a culture of toughness so games like Saturday do not happen. Yes I would expect us to lose by 40-50 against Alabama and maybe even Clemson because right now they out class us athletically and have a lot more experience but nobody should be able to line up against us with a run only game plan and be able to mash us like BC did. We may be young but we have better talent than that and especially against a team like BC! I can point to at least one or two games every season under DD where lack of toughness cost us. A couple that come to mind was the loss in Greenville to a bad 3 win ECU team during Montgomery's first season where we not only did not display toughness but were clearly out conditioned and the loss at home last season to a Wake team going nowhere. I don't see how anyone who knows football and loves NC State is not completely embarrassed and ashamed of the way we played Saturday. We were not out classed athletically. Yea our QB situation was shaky but Tom Brady could not have been prolific Saturday with the effort our Oline gave. We simply allowed a mediocre team impose their will on us without fighting back. That is just lack of toughness.
    Who said I was not ashamed of the performance by the team? But I do understand things happen. It is what is referred to as "quick sand" and it happens. And the coaches I mentioned have all suffered blowout losses in their careers as well. Toughness is also how you respond to a game like this so I am curious how we come out against WF after the bye week.

    On the offensive line, we are starting one true freshman, sophomore, and rotating 3 freshman and a sophomore. We are going to take our lumps there. Having Witt out really hurts.

    The defensive line was what was disappointing but we are still playing a lot of youth there as well with 5 sophomore or freshman on the 2 deep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derreck View Post
    Some guys are what is referred to as a "practice hero." .
    I remember, when Jay Davis was the QB and the coaches always said he looked great in practice, but could never translate it to game day.

    Just need a couple of more wins to be bowl eligible, which is doable.

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