Goodbye amateur athletics, alas we knew ye well! For generations, you provided an honored path for students in colleges and universities to combine sports with the academic environment. This allowed students a brief diversion from studies.

Then, radio and print media turned this into a regional interest. Things rolled along, and television then turned college sports into a national focus.

Agents threatened you, but still you pressed on, clinging to the idea that collegiate athletics were not professional enterprises, even as coaches started earning more annual compensation than state governors, or any other group of people on campus!

Today, your formal end was announced, as the NCAA bowed to the California pressure. Now, it seems sure that select collegiate athletes can soon sign endorsement deals to sell their names and likenesses on merchandise of all types.

All collegiate athletes need not apply, as only a few will find interest. All are welcome to witness the professionalism of collegiate sports in all its mercenarial splendor, including those many of whom no one will be interested in making money from.

Welcome to the world of vast stratification of earnings, where the many lavish upon the few, while ignoring most. Sports for the love of sports, combined with the genuine pursuit of scholarship, may exist in informal, barely noticed enclaves, but as a true expression of values, is to be discarded upon the asheap of other once valued, now forgotten ideals.

Goodbye amateur athletics, alas we knew ye well!