In the most shocking development in NCAA history, the 2020 basketball tournaments (men and women) are cancelled. In addition, the ACC has suspended all sports operations, including practices, games, and even recruiting events.
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Thread: A Sad Day for our State and Country

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    Default A Sad Day for our State and Country

    NCHSAA has officially suspended the state basketball championships and all spring sports. My heart brakes for all the seniors out there who do not get to complete their senior years. Just about all sports at all levels have been officially shut down and the ones who are suffering, the kids who participate, are the least likely to be effected by this virus. This is a sad day.

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    It's pretty much across the board that all public functions are now being cancelled. This is being more or less directed by the CDC, though officially, the CDC by law can only "advise."

    For the next several weeks, everyone will go to work, and come home. For businesses like the one I'm in, food distribution, it will cut into our business levels.

    I urge everyone to avoid panic. Truth is, if you are not over 70 years of age, and in overall health, then your odds of having a two week flu experience and fully recovering is about 99.5%, perhaps higher, which is the equivalent of a severe flu season.

    The H1N1 and Ebola outbreaks saw far higher death rates, and that's the truth. But, we never saw anything like this in terms of public reaction.

    I still think this is gross overreaction, but the impetus is already set and it's all about the outcome now.


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