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Thread: Astros and Sox, trophies future?

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    Default Astros and Sox, trophies future?

    I know this has nothing to do with collegiate sports, but I figured it might be a topic worth discussing.

    What are your thoughts about MLB taking the World Series titles and trophies from the Astros and Red Sox, and bestowing them to the Dodgers?

    My thoughts are it would be a radical solution, but it would sure enough deter any repeat of the organized cheating that helped determine the outcomes of those two title series. For those who don't know, MLB has finished investigations into both the Sox and Astros and concluded they use video to determine the pitches thrown to their batters, and in doing this, they conspired to use electronic devices and other means to instantly relay that pitch to the hitter. It gives a hitter a huge advantage.

    It's one thing for a player on the field to steal signs and relay them to the hitter. That's gamesmanship, since the opponent knows the player is on base and use an indicator sign. If the opponent is smart enough to break the code and relay the pitch to the hitter, then that's skill. But, using a camera out of centerfield, and relaying the pitch electronically, isn't skill. It's just pure cheating.


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    I'm not sure about giving them to the Dodgers, but the should at a minimum vacate the Championships and refund all merchandise money to customers who bought world series champions paraphanalla.

    Stealing signs in any form is cheating. Face a team straight up anything less is a lack of character.

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