Louisville just became the seventh program to receive an NCAA Notice of Allegations, stemming from the ongoing agent and recruiting scandal that has rocked the NCAA for the last two years.


This NOA follows the same general pattern as the others, a series of violations centering around recruiting and payments coordinated by Adidas executives, including a Level 1 allegation of improper recruiting plus three Level 2 allegations. Rick Pitino is personally cited for one of the Level 2 violations. Pitino was fired at Louisville years back, but was hired by Iona. Pitino will likely see the NCAA issue a show-cause requirement again Iona, to justify why their hire of Pitino does not violate NCAA standards.

The other schools issued violations, or under investigation, include NC State, Kansas, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, Arizona, Auburn, Creighton, and LSU.

Sadly, from my perspective, the language used by Louisville officials contains the same boiler plate words, "It is very important to remember that these are allegations -- not facts -- and the university will diligently prepare a full and comprehensive response and, absent an unforeseen development, submit it within the prescribed 90-day period." Lawyers co-opt the same language almost word-for-word.

It's kind of interesting to note that long before apparel companies lavished big money, that schools actually ran competitive team sports in the NCAA. Also, kids used to be able to sign LOI's for scholarships without posses and pseudo agents. I know this for a fact, because I was alive when it was true. Sometime soon, it will revert back to all that, as the schools will start running out of excuses, and the coaches who believe the schools are semi-pro outfits will end up unemployed by the schools.